Unity Assets

Save System

Ultimate save system solution

The save system is an ultimate save system solution for games, apps, and services and is made for both developers and designer alike,
Manage your data easily across all platforms. 

Platform Game Assets Ultimate

Complete set of graphical game assets

Platform Game Assets Ultimate is a complete set of assets for your awesome game (platformer, endless runner, …), including Tiles, Backgrounds, Characters (Fully animated), GUI, and much more.

Save Game Pro

Elegant save & load solution

Save Game Pro is a complete, powerful and feature-rich save game solution for Unity (Game Engine) that lets you save everything such as Components, Data Types, GameObjects including Custom Data Types at everywhere including Web & Cloud, Local Storage, PlayerPrefs, Database.

Mobile Game GUI Pack

A set of awesome and useful GUI elements

+50 Icons Included Separately (Sheet) +50 Button Types in 6 Different Colors with Icons + White Color Included for Customization (Individually + Sheets) +20 Elements (Individually + Sheets) and much more …

Save Game Free

#1 Free Save Game Asset

An Easy and Simple to use Save system that lets you save your game data in JSON, XML, and Binary format and encrypt them using secure algorithms to prevent cheats and hacks.

Free Platform Game Assets

The beloved free game assets pack

Includes mostly POT (Power of Two) textures, no more issues with memory performance, such as 128, 256, 512, … and is Pixel Perfect, also includes Complete Pack of GUI components, including buttons, panels, icons, …

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