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Save System

Ultimate save system solution for your game, app or service
Manage your data easily across all platforms. 

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Get started easily with the rich documentation, tutorials and guides, which give a complete insight of how the save system works and how to get most out of it as a power user.

We’ve Got You Covered

Flexible & Extensible

Change, extend or add your own storage types, encryption algorithm, …


Uses a modified version of Json.NET the popular JSON serialization library

Auto Save

Provides components for automatically saving & loading scene objects and data


Provides built-in support for popular storage types, Local, Cloud …


Keep a backup version of your data to preserve the utmost security for your players.


Prevent cheaters with advanced encryption

Cross Platform

Works on all Unity supported platforms

Unified API

An unified API for accessing the storage and serialization

Steam Integration

Supports both Steam Auto-Cloud and Steam Cloud API

Firebase Integration

Supports Firebase Realtime Database, Firestore, and Cloud Storage

PlayFab Integration

Supports both User Data storage and Entity objects

PlayMaker Integration

Includes actions for the PlayMaker visual scripting plugin

Designer & Developer Friendly

We’ve integrated the save system with most popular visual scripting tools and also included built-in components for handling save & load without writing code and also we’ve exposed the API at its best for programmers to use it at their own requirements, so it would be easy for both kind of users ranging from programmers to designer, and beginners to advanced users to use this awesome save system.

Works on all type of Storage

Save system supports local storage such as File, Unity PlayerPrefs and cloud storage like custom cloud, Firebase, PlayFab, Steam Cloud (with Auto sync), …
So it is fully functional on all platforms with different storage types.


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